June 8, 2010

Posted by Rie On 9:59 AM
I just enjoyed a 5 day weekend! And it was wonderful! Thursday, Rasmus and I went to Skive Festival and listened to some music and enjoyed the sunshine. Rammstein! That was an awesome concert!! German heavy metal rock with fire!! It was a non-drinking day for us so we could drive back to Vejle after the concert but it was seriously a great day.

Canadian Burgers!! (Don't ask me why they were called that, I really don't know.)

Rasmus enjoying the sunshine!


Friday - I helped Dorte host a bday party for her son at our work. 25 kids all enjoyed themselves and we were also able to talk and have fun too. Then I had a shift at the bar in the coat check - lots of fun. Now that the sun is shining and the weather is warmer, I'm not that busy so I'm able to hang out with my friends.

Rie and Lise.

I slept in Saturday and just did my own thing here at home until Lise and I went for a drive before I again had to work. AC/DC was playing up in Horsens so we drove up there to see if anything was going on outside the concert. (We didn't have tickets - boo hoo) but we could hear the music very clearly outside the gate. Then it was back to the pub for me where I again was working the coat check. But I was able to get off work early and spend some time with some friends. I went home, slept in Sunday and then went over to Rasmus for a BBQ with Lise and Nico. Good food and good friends.

Rie and Dorte - she dropped by to say hi while I was at work.

Lise and Rie peaking through the fence in Horsens, trying to see AC/DC.

Relaxing at Rasmus' place.

Yesterday, I again slept in after reading all Sunday night and did stuff here at home - cleaning mainly. I started going to the gym for different classes and yesterday we went to a Thai-bo class and a yoga class. I liked the Thai-bo but yoga felt like a joke for me. But now I tried it and now I know. Today, after work is boxing and then latinmix dance. It's going to hurt tomorrow!! I'm going to start riding my bike to work when it's good weather and hopefully get into shape again. And quit smoking soon. One thing at a time!

Now I better get my act together and get ready for work today. It's a short day for me so I can't complain. Here are a few more pictures from the past little while - just enjoying life! I hope you all have a great day!

At work on a slow night - so we became a little goofy!

Sabine and Rie - she also works at the pub and is just a weird as me!

Lise and Rie

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