January 4, 2011

Posted by Rie On 10:08 AM
It's been seriously too long since I last posted. I don't have any real excuses to why I haven't been around - I work but no more than most other people. I have a social life but again, no moore than others. I forgot about blogging? Nope - because I can usually keep myself updated by reading other blogs...

See, I'm taking all the responsibility here. It's all due to laziness. But now I'm back.

But alas, this post will be kept short. I'm leaving the house in 20 mins for work. But I think I will play around with the blog after work (I have a short day) and maybe find a new layout. Maybe something lighter and easier to read. Although I do like my black background.

I miss writing. I miss just babbling on and on - I wonder if people have forgotten about me.... I wouldn't blame them. It's been several months since I've been around. But I have a feeling that I'm back again for good.

You see - I have some ideas. Yups. Ideas. Stuff I want to write about - share my opinions and feelings. I don't know where this blog is heading but back to a normal active blog life is definitely a big part of my plan. I forgot how much I like to write.

So for those of you reading this post - thank you for not giving up.

(And I apologize now for any spelling mistakes. As I type this, I'm not wearing my glasses, still quite groggy from sleep and I recently did my nails - gel nails - and I'm still not used to them. So my excuse is that I can't see or type properly.)

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