February 6, 2011

Posted by Rie On 2:40 PM
It's Sunday and I'm really enjoying a "quiet" weekend! Yeps - in my world, it's pretty quiet and I did that on purpose. The last few weekends have been CRAZY with work and parties and the next few weekends will be CRAZY with work and parties so I decided to take a NON crazy weekend!

And it's been absolutely wonderful!

I was supposed to work Friday night but it was a slow night at the Pub so I didn't have to. I could have stayed and partied it up with friends and co-workers but decided to be slightly boring and went home. That doesn't happen too often! I slept in Saturday and basically did.... NOTHING! I could have and should have but didn't! Then I went over to LS's place for a couple of drinks with her and Rasmus but ended up going home early-ish.

Yes.... a Saturday night where I wasn't sick but didn't go out to the Pub. No - pigs still don't fly and hell hasn't froze over yet.

And now it's Sunday. Again, I slept in - loved it! - and now I'm not sure what I want to do. Work on my puzzle? Start crafting? Go back to bed with a good book? I'm going out later on tonight - SUPERBOWL SUNDAY - and it's going to be a late night. But I'm prepared and took the day off tomorrow. I also have to get my eyes checked tomorrow so I can order my new glasses and then I will go to the gym. Then I have an "event" with Pub people tomorrow night but that'll be a non-alcoholic night for me because I have to work Tuesday.

Okay.... so maybe it's not a quiet weekend but it's definitely quiet-ish. Gotta love the -ish! Next weekend - I work and I babysit. The weekend after that, I play, I work and I craft with Sabine.

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