November 19, 2011

Posted by Rie On 4:51 PM
It's around 4:30 pm here. I can honestly say.... I haven't done anything interesting today!! I didn't even get up until way past lunch time. It's a work weekend for me, which means I was at the Pub working last night and then again tonight. So I don't even feel guilty about getting some sleep! And now I will get some coffee...

Mmmm - coffee.... (and loud music!!)

Work last night was good. A decent warm-up for a rockin' night tonight - I have a feeling it's going to be super busy. It's the first real "Julefrokost" night for the Danes and that always includes a trip to a bar. Julefrokost is basically just a Christmas party with lots of food and lots of alcohol. So that means every weekend from now to Christmas will be busy at the Pub. But I would much rather it be busy than too quiet!

I'm almost done with LS's late bday present. It just needs a zipper.... I made her one of those weaved magazine purses - black and white with speck of silver using wrapping paper, backside of a chips bag and clear packing tape. I'm quite pleased with the result so far and it will be nice to finally get it done. I also had made her a sock monkey (joke gift) and that turned into a big hit... which means that I might have to make more. The kids at the club have gone all crazy about the purses and the sock dolls so we've been busy in the art room. Pretty cool when something works out, eh?

Other than work, nothing new here. I've been busy at the youth club with kids, teenagers and meetings. And whenever I do have some quiet time to myself, I just drowned myself in a good book and escaped reality. I have the munchies right now - craving foods that I just don't have in my kitchen. Well, actually, I don't have anything in my kitchen other than soup and frozen meat.... nothing all that interesting. Meh.

Off to sew in the zipper so LS can come home from work tomorrow to a little extra surprise. I think I will update my blog (and my creative blog) with pictures instead of too much writing. I just like to write. Maybe I should start working on a book.... Do I have the time for that?? Not at the moment.....

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