October 10, 2006

Posted by Rie On 12:30 AM
October 9, 2006. Happy 26th birthday, Anders! I had fun today and I sure hope you did too!


Ok, so this isn't the greatest picture of Anders but in his defense, it was New Years Eve and he was.... well, we had a party at our place and he was drunk. Plus he tends to make faces every time the camera is focused on him.

I think this is from Christmas last year - this is Anders' (step)dad, his brother and Anders playing a game against us girls. WE KICKED THEIR ASSES but that's because we ROCKED!

Anders relaxing with Charlie and Spencer, a few years back when we visited my family in Canada.

My dad took Anders out fishing when we were visiting them. Just the two men - I hope dad didn't scare Anders away!

Anders and my mom, both being true computer geeks!

3 Intelligent comments:

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Anders!!

Anders said...

Thank you guys.

I feel so....young :)

And I must say, those are actually some of the best pictures of me, especially the first one...

Glenda said...

I like the last one myself. You look like you're going to eat someone! Welcome to the old farts club :oP Happy birthday SKAT!