January 11, 2007

Posted by Rie On 8:32 PM
Well, maybe hate is too strong but still, I'm frusterated right now and I'm willing to use the word hate.

Sorry, I'm just taking a break from studying. I haven't done much lately other than work and study. Yes, I have a lame life at the moment. The youth club is open again and things are good there. I have the girl group again, with some new members and to be honest, my first night with them on Tuesday was hell because of one girl being impossible. One girl can seriously ruin it for the rest of us. I have to talk to her privately about her being impossible because it wasn't fun at all Tuesday and she'll have to choose - either she calms down and has fun with us or she leaves the group. We came up with our plan for the next season - skating, horseback riding, movies, shopping, fashion show, visit a hairsalon, learn how to use makeup, pizza night etc. They weren't at all interested in anything crafty or creative which I thought was disappointing because I had collected together some really fun things to do. Oh well, I can't force them....

School sucks. I'm busy studying for my Origin of Language exam (research seminar) and I'm having a hard time with my own contribution to what I want to talk about. The actual classroom work/studies I'm ok with but I have to come up with my own topic within the field of language evolution and present that.... I have a topic but I'm having a hard time organizing it and getting everything under control. Blah.

I'm taking a break from my studies tomorrow during the day and Jonna and I are going to IKEA! Wonderful store. I have a large list of things I want/need to get including a coffee table and shelves. My apartment will soon be perfect (it's pretty damn close to being perfect now but I always get new ideas of cool stuff!).

I am also in the progress of planning my next trip to Canada. Keep your fingers crossed because it looks like I found a flight out in the middle of August. My grandparents will be celebrating their diamond anniversary - 60 years of marriage!!! You don't see that too often and I will NOT miss this family reunion! The last time the entire family gathered together was probably back in '97, a month or so after I moved to DK, (50th anniversary) so I wasn't able to be there. I haven't seen my grandparents since I was around 14 yrs old which is now around 13 years ago... too many years between visits!

Ok, I think my school frusterations have calmed down so I better get back to work.

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christine said...

august visit sounds exciting!