January 2, 2007

Posted by Rie On 8:49 AM
My first post of the year...

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you all had a great night and I expect to hear about all your (il)legal activities when things become normal again!

Shauna - Happy Birthday to you girl! Did you have a good day/night? I may not have been there to celebrate your day with you but I was thinking about you and everyone else over there! Someone - post some pictures of the drunken birthday girl!!

My NYE party was good. Dinner went really good and us three had fun cooking together and just talking. It tasted great and we ate so much that we no one had room for bananasplits or for the midnight snack. A job well done to us three! After dinner and a couple of drinks, we went over to Anders' friend's place and joined the others for more drinks and loud music. The boys had fun with their fireworks and were smart enough to light them before it got too foggy, too rainy outside and before they were too drunk. But trust me, after the fireworks, they drank. And all had a good time. We all trooped downtown at around 4am-ish to join the festivities with the rest of the Vejle party-population and even though it was late (or early morning, whichever way you want to look at it), there were still quite a few people doing their party thing. After a single drink, Heidi and I decided to go home. It was late, we were tired and was looking forward to getting some sleep. So at around 5am, we finally got back to the quietness of my apartment - a nice comfy couch and bed. We slept. I had nightmares because Heidi killed someone. I woke up shouting very loudly and then after realizing where I was, I fell back to sleep. Heidi heard nothing which is a good thing because I sure must have sounded like a total freak! No hangovers New Years Day!

There you have it, a quick report of my NYE party. Good thing we don't do this every weekend because it's now Jan 2nd and I'm still sore and tired from all the partying. Things should be back to normal now - people are back to work and back to school. I'm going to school today to pick up some books and will probably take a couple hours there to study. Going to bed early tonight, that's for sure. No work at the club for me this week and that's nice. I'll hate it come February with a shitty paycheck but right now, I'm looking forward to a quiet night.

We did take a couple of pictures of Heidi and I getting ready but I don't have time to upload them now. You'll have to wait! I'll be back again soon!

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Hogsberg said...

Hey.. I didn't kill someone..!! ;-) It was the tree's fault ;-) Anyway - tak for sidst.. Heidi