January 29, 2007

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I could be a little dramatic and say that this is the beginning of a new life but that would be a lie. This isn't the beginning of a new life; if you think about, I've actually been working towards getting a fulltime job with teenagers and it's about freaking time that I realize it. I bitched and complain and truely was having a hard time with school. I couldn't concentrate nearly as well as I should and was basically just getting by without putting in too much effort. Seriously, I know I could have done way better in my classes. Here's the twist. I thought it was because I was just a lazy ass. Now, I don't think so because when I think about it, I'm ready and always willing to work my ass off with the club, girlgroup, the different small jobs that are related to the youth club. I get paid well but there is quite a bit of work that is volunteer and I don't mind. Because I love my job.

I am now officially hired at this new place here in Vejle. I signed the papers on Friday and will be starting Wednesday, Feb. 7. I am able to continue working at my youth club every Monday and Wednesday evening until we close April 1 but I am having to give up some hours with the girlgroup because I will be working Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the new place. The pay isn't the greatest since I'm not educated within this field but I'll be fine. As long as I can pay my bills and get by. Money isn't the main factor; it's all about the experience for me right now. I'm working towards getting into the related school next year with merit and that means I need all the hours I can get. I'm only hired until Dec. 31 because I'm taking over for someone who is on maternity leave but it's definitely better than nothing!

I'm not 100% sure of what I'll be doing. I have 30 hours pr. week and since I'm working evenings on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I'm off early the other days. There are kids from 9yrs old to 18 and we're open from around lunch time because sometimes the kids are off school early and need a place to hang out. It's bigger than what I'm used to but the idea is the same. There are computers, tv/dvd, pooltables, airhockey, pingpong, sofa area etc. But at the new place, they also have a music room and a huge craft/art room - super cool! They have the same setup with candy and drinks like we do in Norup except for that they also sell a warm meal everyday, made by us. Yups, I have to cook once a week! I'll admit it, I'm very nervous about that. I'm not nervous about meeting the kids, or getting to know my co-workers - I'm very confident that I'll do fine there. But cooking? Not my strong side! I have warned them that I'm not the most confident in the kitchen but they still hired me so I'm sure it won't be a big deal.

So far, the people I've met seem really nice and I think I'll fit in just fine. New jobs are always scary and I'm very excited in starting. Before I even applied, I wasn't sleeping well because I was trying to figure out what I want in life. When I got called into the interview, I couldn't sleep because I was nervous. After the interview, I couldn't sleep because I was anxious about hearing back from them. Now, I got the job and I'm all set. But I still sleep like crap because I'm thinking about it so much! I'm nuts!

Enough of that. One day at a time, right?

Canada August 2007. Yups, it's going to happen! The entire family will be gathering and spending a couple of weeks together. My grandparents from Ontario, my parents from Sooke, me from DK, my brother from Calgary and my aunt & co. from different parts in the States will all be getting together somewhere to celebrate my grandparent's 60th anniversary on Aug. 25th. I will be landing in Vancouver Aug. 16th and flying out again Sept. 3 and my new job has no problems about me taking an "extra" vacation (We're closed all of July). Pretty cool, eh?

I've been pretty busy lately but I'm loving life! Working at the club and with the girlgroup and that's going very well. Friday evening, I went bowling with Thomas, Claudia, Sussi and Anders. I really suck at bowling! I'm not kidding, I really really really suck. But it was still fun. Thomas and Claudia are getting married in August and they were so sweet! They tried to find a date where I was here in DK so I could be at the wedding but unfortunately, we weren't able to. So, they are getting married Aug. 17 and I'm sure it'll be the party of the year! Bummer I can't be there but I'm happy for them! Saturday evening, Tine came over and we ordered pizza and drank CC/Kult. Mmmmm. Good stuff. We went to the bars later and it turned into a late night. I had a good time and I hope Tine did too! Sunday, I didn't do much. Slepts, worked on some artsy projects. Talk to my parents and little brother on Skype. Anders came over, we ate dinner and watched a movie. A nice quiet day.

Work today. Laundry and dishes too. Nothing all too exciting. I finally borrowed a drill so now I can start putting up some shelves.... (Hey Tine, I'll come over and make some holes in your walls too!) I need more coffee - talk to you all later!

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Glenda-Bean said...

Thanks for the update! I was wondering what was going on! You sound happy and I'm happy for you! Take care, good luck and keep us posted!