March 21, 2007

Posted by Rie On 9:41 AM
Ok, so last night after work, I was waiting for the bus so I could finally come home. Waiting, waiting and more waiting. Hmmm, where did the bus go? Oh right, they decided to strike! It was first after the bus was 20 mins late that I decided to call Anders and luckily, he was able to come pick me up and drive me home. Are the busses still striking today? I don't know yet so it'll be interesting in how I get back and forth to both jobs today.

So right now I'm listening to the local radio station and hoping that if the busses are striking, they will mention it before I have to go to work so I can find an alternative way of getting there. The one job is in walking distance (just a really long walk!) but the club in Norup is a little too far away to walk there. I like to walk but 36 km there and back again is a little far.

I'm a regular visitor on a craft site ( and I'm just blown away by all the amazing ideas people have and I'll have to admit now, I'm turning into a craft monster. It's kind of work related as well because when I have the art room shift in JB (Jaettebo = the "new job), I need to have ideas that are interesting for the kids. But I'm also taking a interest in many different types of crafts to do in my free time and I have so many ideas but just so little time! Maybe I'll "borrow" Glenda's idea of having a crafty blog so I can post ideas and finished projects there....

I visited T (the kid from the club who drove his scooter into a parked car and trailer) yesterday and I think he was happy I came by the hospital. I had a card with me with signatures from everyone at the club Monday night, including Karin's and my own greeting. He's banged up pretty bad - was very close in losing his leg - and will have a tough recovery time. He gets to go home on Friday but will then spend the next 5 months training his leg and muscles up again.

Work is my life lately and it looks like there is a possibility that I have to work Saturday night and take some kids out skating. Another long week. I'm hopefully meeting up with a friend Friday night - Lena from Jelling Festival is coming to Vejle and we plan on meeting after she eats dinner with some old classmates. I haven't heard from Tine in a while but I know she's been really sick so she probably hasn't been up to being social at all. But I read on her blog that she's starting to feel better so I hope we can soon meet up for either coffee, dinner or drinks. Tine - give me a call when you're up to it! I'll have to admit, I love working in Norup but after thinking about it, I'm really glad that I'll have some more time to spend with people outside of the work world!

Ok, enough of my babbling. I hope everyone is doing good, happy and healthy. Thank you to my friends who have been understanding about me not having too much time or energy to be social. And to those who have given me a hard time, well... Thank you for showing me your idea of a "friendship".

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