July 7, 2007

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July 6, 2007

Yesterday, Jonna turned 25. I wasn't able to post a birthday greeting to her yesterday because I wasn't near a computer at all so here I am, a day late - but better than never. We actually surprised her yesterday and drove out to her home to meet up with her family and then went and knocked on her door - SURPRISE. I think there was around 15 people at her door step with gifts and flowers (and cinnamon - it's a Danish tradition here. When you turn 25 and you are not married, you get cinnamon thrown at you. When you turn 30 and is not married, you get pepper thrown at you.... it's a fun yet very messy tradition) Anyways, Jonna knew that Brian was planning something but I think she was still surprised to see how many people were also involved. And yes, she got cinnamon.... I wish I had taken a picture because she got a lot and I hardly think she can even save the clothes she was wearing.

Jonna is a great friend and I don't know what I'd do without her love and support - we always have fun when we're together and we both know that we can count on each other when we need it. I met Jonna several years ago - actually before Anders and Brian came into the picture - and we quickly became good friends. She was the BIGGEST "POP-TOESE" (I'm not sure how to explain pop-toese in English) back then. She would wear the most ugliest bright pink high heel boots and she was probably the only one I knew who could actually pull it off. Her hair and makeup was always perfect and she only wore the "cool" clothes... And she danced her ass off whenever we went out to the bars.... Yups, that girl could definitely dance!

BUT, Jonna is just as "cool" today as she was back then because one thing makes her truely special - she's her own person and she believes in herself and does whatever she feels right. Now she's a mom with 2 beautiful daughters and is enjoying her life - without those amazingly ugly pink boots! (I so need a scanner because I want to show the world how damn ugly those boots were!) She's one of my greatest friends and I love her dearly. Tillykke med dagen, lille pige. Du har fandme gjort det godt med dit liv - kig paa dine piger, paa Brian, paa jeres hjem og bare smil til verden. Du har hele livet foran dig og med din positiv indstilling, kan du godt naa alt. Jeg haaber du havde en god aften i gaar og at du hyggede dig med familien (og os!). Jeg glaeder til at se dig igen i naeste uge! Jeg elsker dig, min lille pige. Du er en fantastisk ven!

Life is good here. I'm on vacation and I haven't really done much worth writing about. Anders and I went to the movies Wednesday and saw "Transformers" - it was pretty good. Before we went to Jonna and Brian's place last night, we were at Thomas and Claudia's new home. They bought a house a little while ago and are still fixing it up. Now, we're not exactly the right people to help with the renovations but we are willing to learn and give it a try and that's what we did. Anders was put to work and I did whatever I could to help - that was mainly just staying out of their way! I took pictures so I'll post them once I get them on my computer. Other than that, nothing is going on here. Anders is out playing golf now and he'll be coming here for lunch afterwards - what the plan is after that, I don't know.

I'm running again since I don't really have much else to write about. The last few posts have been really long and if you guys have read through them all, I'm impressed!

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