July 24, 2007

Posted by Rie On 12:01 PM
I haven't posted in a while so here I am. Since the Metallica concert, I've been pretty busy hanging out with friends and stuff like that. I went fishing with Anders last week - then gave all the fish I CAUGHT to Karin and Ernst. We also saw the new Harry Potter movie and the Transformers movie - two pretty good movies. (Transformers was better!) I met up with Gitte on Wednesday and we did some shopping and went out for lunch. Tine came over to Anders' place Wednesday evening and we played some board games and just hung out. We went to Vorbasse Market Friday morning and poked around there for a couple of hours. I went out with Kirsten and Tine Friday night - our quiet coffee trip turned into a night at the bar with alcohol involved so I woke up Saturday feeling a little yucky. But we were invited to a 50th bday Saturday afternoon so I didn't have time to feel sorry for myself and had to get dressed up in Hawaii clothes and party some more. Sunday was a day of relaxation and then yesterday, Monday, I went to the gym and afterwards picked up the new Harry Potter book and spent the entire day reading. The book was pretty good!

There you have it - a quick summary of my life last week.

To anyone in the Victoria area - does any of you guys have an airbed me and my family can borrow in the middle of August for a couple of days? We're planning that big family reunion and it would help A LOT if we could borrow an airbed. Plus a tent or two? It's just for a couple of days and we would greatly appreciate the help!! Please, please, please - let me know if anyone can help us out!

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Deedee said...

I too am finished Harry Potter - I really enjoyed it, it was great. What did you think??

Glenda-Bean said...

YA MAN! I have 2 air beds. Your pick of either a queen size or a double. I even have the pump for it! :o)

Rie said...

Dee - It was a really good book and she did an excellent job gathering up all the loose ends and making sense of everything. Good story!!

Glenda - I just sent Sooke an email about which one we would like to borrow. Thank you! It will help alot, seeing that there will be 13 people needing a place to sleep for a couple of days!

Glenda-Bean said...

You can borrow them both if you want. Just let me know. i think we left one at the in-laws house so I'll have to get it back.

Hogsberg said...

Hey you.. The one camera from Metallica the Batards of Security-people didn't take from us, has been devoloped.. Thi hi.. :-) Lots of funny pics.. Anyway I know your busy planning the trip to Canada, but maybe we can meet up before you go? H.