July 15, 2007

Posted by Rie On 10:25 PM

Friday the 13th - Metallica Concert in Aarhus!

We were a whole group who took a bus from Vejle to Aarhus and had a blast! There were 50,000 who bought tickets to see Mnemic, Volbeat (two danish bands) and Metallica on a huge field - so many different types of people and a really cool experience. Our group got split up and since cell phones were pretty much useless, we just met up again afterwards. Heidi and I stayed together and we both had a good time. We weren't allowed to bring cameras with us - not even disposable ones (we tried but got busted at the gates...) so these pictures aren't mine, they are taken from the internet. I thought the concert was pretty good, even though they had a power failure in the middle of the 2nd song. (It only lasted for about 15 mins or so, not a big deal at all.) They played all the oldies and actually didn't play anything from their newest albums which suited me just fine! They rocked it for over 2 hours and we weren't disappointed!

All in all, a good concert. Doesn't beat the +Live+ concert Heidi and I saw last year in Copenhagen but still a good experience. But now that I've seen Metallica live, I don't have to go all crazy the next time they play in DK. Been there, done that - excited see what the next musical experience will be!

Other than the concert, I haven't done much. Enjoying my vacation to the max!

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Glenda-Bean said...

Wicked! That's awesome!!! I'm glad you had a good time!

Deedee said...

Okay, I am so going to have "Enter Sandman" in my head for the rest of the day!
Glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

hey kid we love you

The Sooke gang

christine said...

when you coming to the island? i'll be coming over soon, it would be awesome to see you!