September 19, 2007

Posted by Rie On 2:31 PM
I did say that we took so many good pictures from my trip, didn't it?

Ok, so here are some more, pictures of time spent outside.... We were lucky with the weather and the sun was shining most of time.

(in random order...)

Jaime and Rie - goofing around and having a good time!

Chris is being "attacked" by Alli's dog, Jack. He'll lick you until you bleed!

Group shot - Mormor, Soren, Peter and Gaby.

HAHAHA, I just love this picture. We (mom, dad, JC, Rie, dogs and cat) slept in this huge tent for several nights and Spencer got curious when Mormor and Bebba decided that we had slept in long enough one morning.

JC, Mormor and Jake.... Mormor is either short or the boys are tall.

How about we say that the boys are tall and us girls are normal? Jaime, Mormor and Rie.

Group shot - Mormor with her grandchildren. Too bad Peter and Cydney wasn't there! (Mormor, I think you're right, we are the same height....)

We got a picture of my brother not making any faces!

My mom out in the sunshine.

Jaime, Mom, Stritte, Rie and Mormor. I think Jaime and Stritte were comparing the size of their bums...

Soren and Bebba having a "serious" talk.

Peter and Gaby

Group shot - almost the entire family! Mom, Mormor, Greg, Stritte, Bebba, Jake, Jaime, Dad, Chris with Spencer and Rie. (I know I look funny!!)

Yes, I still have loads of great pictures and they are all slowly making their way up on my blog!

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