September 12, 2007

Posted by Rie On 5:30 PM
Here are some more pictures of my Canada 2007 trip. As most of you know, my parents have a boat docked in Cowichan Bay and of course we took a drive up there so my grandparents could have a look. Plus we went to Chemanus and saw a musical - my first time seeing a musical and I must admit, I enjoyed it. That day, the weather was just gorgeous and we got some really good pictures.

I just love the view from the top of the Malahat. You don't see that in Denmark!

JC, Mormor, Dad and Rie - we look like tourists and I guess most of us are considered tourists in Beautiful BC.

Bebba enjoyed the view from Dad's truck.

JC, Mormor and Mom.

I'm playing with a very old typewriter.

Mom is checking out all the small funky stores at the Whippletree Junction.

JC trying to look like he doesn't care that I'm taking a picture of him.

Bebba and Mormor!

JC, Mom and Bebba - we're on our way after window shopping in Chemanus to the see the musical.

Dad and Bebba went to see the boat the day before and there was just enough wind for a little trip. Dad always looks happy when he's on his boat!

The marina is "Cow Bay" is a lot nicer than Goldstream and well worth the drive up there.

Here's the family - Marmora , Sooke, Calgary and Vejle. The best fish and chips is in Cowichan Bay at the Rock Cod Cafe!

I have to cut this short - I have to help another youth club out tonight so I'm going to work soon. Lise just walked in the door and I should get ready. Hope everything is going well for all you guys and I'll be back again soon with lots more pictures! Love you all!

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gaby said...

Very good pictures (everybody dressed up! i like your mom's dress btw) and yes, I agree that your dad looks happy when he's on the boat!

keep posting more pics!