September 22, 2007

Posted by Rie On 8:01 PM
Me and some old friends went out for drinks one Friday while I was home for my visit and here are the pictures. I have known Glenda, Nathan, Lance and Dan (and Dan's brother - we met up with him later) for many years and it was nice seeing them all again. I know I look like a total alcoholic but trust me, we all knew our limits and we all behaved ourselves. But we sure had fun and partied like the old times! Here are the pictures, again in random order.

PS. One thing did seriously suck that evening... my dear friend Dee couldn't make it and I missed her terribly!

Nathan is NOT sober in this picture.

Thanks to Lance, I found out I like rye and ginger-ale!

Nathan with a big beer in front of him. Nathan and I both used to live in Sooke and have spent many hours going for walks (sneaking smokes) and just hanging out. He's a great guy!

Me and Dan... we have a history together and I'm really glad that we can still talk and get along great. We hung out with his older brother after the bar closed and it was great seeing Mid again!

Rie enjoying her drinks!

Rie and Glenda - Glenda is pregnant so she was drinking non-alcoholic beverages all night and it was great seeing her again and I'm surprised she stayed out all night with us! Surprised but very happy that she did!

Rie and Lance. I haven't seen Lance in quite a few years and we still get along great. He's a dear friend and I hope he finds his way to Europe soon! Lance, remember our plans when we turn 50!

Lance is the MAN!

Group Shot - Glenda, Nathan, Lance, Rie, Dan and our bartender - Shawn (I think that was him name but either way, he was a really nice guy!)

It's a quiet Saturday night here in DK. I just ate leftovers from last night and I'm starting to feel better again. I think I was hit with the flu or whatever but it's over again and I'm ready to take over the world on Monday. I don't know what my exact plans are for tonight but it probably involves dishes, painting and the tv. I should probably just take it easy this weekend since I'm working every day and every evening next week plus a big bday party to attend on Saturday.

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Some good times! :o)