September 8, 2007

Posted by Rie On 3:02 PM
I guess I can't keep stalling and I should make this official. Anders and I broke up a few days ago.

I think I was stalling about telling people about it on my blog because even though we both know that it's for the best, I'm still having a tough time realizing that things are over. I don't want to get into details about it here but I just thought that I should tell you guys since this is a blog about my life and Anders is a big part of my life.

So now I'm entering a new chapter in my life - now I have lots of decisions to make and there are just so many things I need to figure out but right now, everything is very overwhelming and I think I'm just going to lay low for a while. Get my feet back on the ground and when I'm ready to face the world, then I'll start looking at all the options I have.

I have to get some groceries, I still haven't done any shopping since I came home from Canada and my fridge looks pathetic. I have so much to do here at home and this weekend is a good time to do all the cleaning, paperwork, lists, groceries, loud music, laundry etc.

I'm planning on going through all my Canada 2007 pictures today so I'm hoping that I'll soon have a happier post to make and share my trip to all of you who are interested. And thank you to all of my (our) friends who have supported me (us) in this crazy time - it definitely helps to know that I'm (we're) not alone.

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Anders said...

Hard times indeed!

I really hope you find your way and that the direction you choose will lead you to happiness.

You will always have a place in my heart and you will be my friend forever!


christine said...

rie, thank you for sharing through your blog with your friends. I'm sad that I missed you in Canada - and I wish I could have given you a hug. It sounds like you have indeed entered a new phase/path in your life and always remember that even though some of your friends are overseas, we are all holding you close to our hearts.

Deedee said...