October 2, 2008

Posted by Rie On 5:50 PM
It's actually quiet here at work. The kids are gone, my co-worker is out grocery shopping and I'm here all alone. Peace and quiet. It won't be long before the older kids (teenagers) come so I better use my time wisely.

I'm doing alright. I am now living in my temporary apartment until Nov. 15 and it's actually ok. I have my own place - my own bed, kitchen and bathroom. All I really miss is a table to sit at and internet to play with. But I'm hardly ever home anyways so it's all good for now.

Work is good. Lots of kids during the day, not so many in the evenings. Started back in Nørup yesterday and it was nice being back on familiar grounds. Started work on the new project at a completely different club so I definitely have enough to see to. But I like what I do.

Social life is also going pretty good. I spend time with my friends but am also meeting new people, which is always fun. Last weekend, Jannie had a party (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!) and that was fun. Pictures have been posted on facebook - since I don't have internet access, it's kinda hard for me to keep track of all the photos. This Saturday will be slightly crazy - work at 10am, meet up with Dorte at 2pm and then meet up with Jannie to go to Århus in the evening. We are going to a heavy metal concert!! Not exactly Jannie's type of music but I'm happy. I'm not really sure what the plan is afterwards... maybe we'll meet up with others at the bars, maybe not.

So.... things are good here. Busy as all hell and my arms/wrists are paying for it. Doctor says I have tendi.... I have no idea how to spell it. My tendens are infected.... Either way, it's hurts and it's a huge hassle right now.

Co-worker is back, gotta run! Love you all!

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