December 13, 2008

Posted by Rie On 12:47 PM

I can't remember the last time I spent a Saturday here at home. An entire Saturday with no plans and so far, I'm loving it. It's almost 1pm and I'm drinking a cup of coffee while listening to my music channel on tv - todays theme is 1993 and that totally brings back some memories!

My week was pretty good. Work, work and more work. I did have a Christmas party at work last night and that was so much fun! Already during the day, my co-workers and I were in the party/xmas mood and had a blast. I actually wore a dress to the party and I looked GOOD! Myco-workers all commented on the fact that I actually looked all girly but they were all good comments. The party itself was hilarious. Good food, lots of laughs, singing and dancing. We rocked the place!

I didn't sleep much last night since it was late when I got home but I made it up in time to set a load of laundry over and then made my way over to the garage (my Saturday job) but ended up going home again. No kids were there and Bjarne (my coworker) was enjoying the peace and quiet to catch up on some studying - no complaints from me!

So far, I am catching up on all my laundry, cleaning up around here and am just plain enjoying the peace and quiet. No plans for tonight either! YAY ME! I can paint. Read. Sleep. Eat. Watch tv. Emails. Blogs. Clean. Whatever I want!! (Can you hear the excitement? I seriously am in heaven right now.)

So.... how are things going around the world? Everyone getting ready for Christmas? I will be spending Christmas Eve with my cousin and her family out in Nørup and that should be lots of fun. I don't get to see them that often which is a shame because my cousin (and of course the rest of the family) is such a nice person. I still need to finish my gift shopping - or should I say start?? But I'm not at all sure of what I should get any of them and how I'm going to make that work in my budget at the moment - I'm still struggling after moving and the bills have hit me all at once but I will make it work. I always do!

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