October 26, 2009

Posted by Rie On 10:43 AM
I'm sitting here, at my kitchen table, stuff is spread all over the floor and I'm just listening.... no sounds other than the cars on the street and my computer humming. No puppies. No cat. Definitely weird. I guess I quickly got used to mornings at my parent's place.

The trip back to DK was fine. Long but I survived. Probably unintentionally gave people dirty looks in Frankfurt because I was grumpy and tired but I made it back to DK all in one piece. Dorte and Lise made me laugh - I could see them in the arrival hall when I was picking up my suitcases. One short person and one crazy-haired person were jumping around, waving like idiots. That made me laugh. I needed a good laugh after saying goodbye to my life on the island.

I hate goodbyes! You would think that since I've done this several times now, that it would get easier. Nope. I still cry. And it still sucks. I guess it'll take a couple of days before I'm feeling "normal" again.

I had the most amazing trip back home. My island/Victoria/BC/Canada home. I love that place so much and could easily see myself living there again. But DK is also a home and now it's important that I get back into the swing of things here and not dwell on the sadness of leaving Victoria. I have today off work - my final day of vacation - and plan on listening to loud music while putting things away and getting everything organized. I have plans for my little home!! And I have crafty fun things planned! I'm meeting up with some good friends tonight - Fred is back in town from LA. so Heidi and I will be meeting up with him for dinner to catch up on our lives. We haven't seen him in 7 or so years....

I'm running again. Need to get some things done now.

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