February 3, 2012

Posted by Rie On 10:30 AM
I missed out on my Thursday's Babble here yesterday due to a meeting at the Pub. So I didn't have my normal Thursday morning to just putter around here at home. But today - Friday - I have my coffee, music and time to blog. And I'm in the mood to babble!

I only have 3 hours at work today - YAY me! And I don't have to work at the Pub tonight - YAY me! But I still have big plans for tonight. Spring cleaning - aka "The Plan". Let me share a little secret to some.... I have issues throwing things out. Clothes, kitchen stuff, bags, knickknacks, papers etc. For example, I have no room under my bed because of old clothes in bags, fabrics and shoes. I always have this idea that one day, I'll need it. But you know what - I don't need it. And it's time to do a major clean up and throw out. My dad is coming out soon and I want my place to look good for when he's here but I'm also doing it for myself - I get stressed out looking at everything and I need to clean my soul, so to speak. It's the beginning of "The Plan". Once I get my little home looking perfect, then I can start focusing on myself. (That's a whole other blog post that will come later....) I already have bags of old clothes, scarves, hats, shoes and whatever packed up and ready to go. I think I'll start dragging the stuff up to work because next door, we have containers for donating clothes for those in need.

Other than "The Plan", nothing new here. Have been pretty social this week after work - Tuesday evening I went out with some Pub friends. One of the guys made dinner - awesome food - and then we all went to the movies. The new Mission Impossible.... It was okay. Then R. came over Wednesday after work where I made him dinner and we just hung out. It was nice seeing him again. Last night, after the youth club, I met up with 3 friends at the Pub for a single beer. Nothing party crazy or anything like that. Just meeting up with them and saying hi. I have a friend coming over for coffee tomorrow and then I have to work tomorrow night at the Pub. And then it's Superbowl on Sunday - I'm not the biggest NFL fan but I'm still going to the event we have at the Pub - dinner, movies and then the game. I doubt I'll stay the entire night because I have to work Monday.

Wow, I'm pretty boring today. My babble is lacking. I don't know why that is but I'm not feeling very creative and I'm having a hard time just letting the words flow like I usually do. Maybe I'm tired. Or too anxious to get my day started. Whatever. Blogging isn't working for me today so I'll be back again tomorrow. Or the next day.

Have a great weekend!

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