January 29, 2012

Posted by Rie On 1:35 PM
I grew up in Canada. I remember, when living in Alberta, that it got kinda cold. We bundled up in snowsuits, heavy-duty winter boots, built snow forts in the back yard, cross-country skiing on the golf course next door, snowball fights - it was a winter wonderland when I was a child. The red faces, snot dripping from noses, icy feet - how can one forget? Snow days from school, giving us all an extra day to come outside and play.

Then I moved from Alberta to the wonderful Vancouver Island. We don't do snow over there and I quickly adjusted. No snow but massive amounts of rain. Snow caused chaos and made people crazy. People from Alberta knew how to drive in the snow - they had winter tires and snow chains stashed in the trunk. People from the island panic the minute the weather people even mentioned snow.

Now I live in Denmark. And I hate the snow!

It's absolutely gorgeous outside. I may hate it but I can definitely see the beauty of a pure white backyard - small footprints and huge snowflakes falling from the sky. So I'll rephrase my previous statement - I hate the snow, when I'm outside! I can handle one day but then it makes me grumble. I'm no longer an Albertan at heart - I'm a Victoria girl and we don't do snow!

Yes, I'm babbling. It's amazing how much I can write about the snow. It's Sunday and I'm doing what I do best on Sundays. Sleeping in, wearing my pj's all day. Ordering take-out and just relaxing. Skype with the parental units later on and quite possibly reading a good book. All I can do while admiring the snow - from inside! I 'll deal with it tomorrow when I have to find my way to work. But today, I play hermit!

My backyard from a couple of years ago. But that's what it looks like today.

I went outside. I poked around. I went back inside. 

Won't be riding my bike anytime soon....

The street outside my front door. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was.... not bad but not the greatest. Nothing to complain about but nothing to shout YAY for.

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