February 7, 2007

Posted by Rie On 6:30 PM
I just finished my first day at my new job and I am now waiting for the club in Nørup to open. Two different jobs in one day. I'm tired now, not because I've been super busy but because of all the new-job info I got today. Puha, my mind is just racing like crazy right now and I'm glad I have some quiet time alone so everything can sink into place.

I think the new place is going to be good. My co-workers are super nice and I got a good welcome today. Not many kids came today and the ones I did meet were in the 9-13 age group and seemed to be ok with a new person there. One of the kids made me laugh - "why do you talk funny?" I have a key now, all the papers are signed, grand tour, ALL the details - it was a tiresome afternoon. I have Thursday and Friday to get into the groove because I open on Monday pretty much alone. Scary but very exciting.

Off one job and on to the next. Nørup School is having a school party tonight and they have rented our club. As I write this, DJ's are setting up their area- loud music, lights and fog machines. I wonder how many kids are coming tonight...

Tomorrow I don't have work until 1pm so I seriously need to get some shit done at home ie. laundry and dishes and art projects. Work Friday too but it's a short shift. Saturday, there is a Thaiboxing match here in Vejle where one of our good friends has a fight so of course we will all be there to cheer him on. A little pricey but I'll support the local club when I can. I'm sure it'll be fun and hey, if the fights suck, at least we can watch half-naked sweaty men.... Win/win situation! Tee hee, I'm only kidding!!

Gotta go, the people are setting up and I better look like I have stuff to do.

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Glenda-Bean said...

How exciting with the new job! That's great!

christine said...

congrats again on the new job. this time is so exciting for you and i'm glad that you can blog about it and share with us souls on the other side of the world

ps. i hate the word verification on your comments! it took me 5 times refreshing for the word to even appear!!!

Rie said...

Christine - I took off the word verification!