December 30, 2006

Posted by Rie On 5:03 PM
It's New Years Eve Eve and I'm home doing laundry. People are already shooting off fireworks and I'm glad that I'm indoors right now. Fireworks are nice to look at but don't count on me being the one lighting them off. Not my thing.

I did some grocery shopping, along with half of Vejle and it was hell. Amazing - the stores are closed only Monday but still everyone seems to go nuts. Huge shopping carts with everything and anything. Luckily we only had to get the last items for NYE and having a prepared list helped. It actually took us longer to get out of the parking lot than it did shopping. Now I'm home, doing laundry (there wasn't a time slot yesterday) and will probably turn on the music, paint and study.

NYE tomorrow and after too much confusion of what's happening, we finally figured it out. Me, Anders and our friend Heidi will be eating dinner together at Anders' place and then we'll meet up with the rest of the party people and have some drinks. Nothing too big but still social enough to be fun. I hope. Us 3 will be making dinner together so that should be interesting - neither one of us are the greatest cooks in the kitchen! We're having tuna mousse with bread for appetizers, steak with salat, potatoes and sauce for the main course and bananasplits for dessert. Mmm, steaks! Nothing too fancy but still really good food. We're all pretty tired of the different Christmas foods so it's nice having something different. We'll be making sandwiches for the midnight snack so I don't think anyone will be going hungry tomorrow night.

As you can see, not the huge plans for tomorrow but I'm sure it'll be fun all the same. I just hope the weather is a bit nicer than today - too much wind and rain.... really yucky weather...

Does anyone have any interesting new years resolutions they'd like to share? I don't really have any - just the usual "eat healthier", "study more", "save money" blah blah blah.

Jan 2nd and life will be back to normal - whatever that is. School, school and more school. I have a huge exam coming up and I need to get my ass in gear. Work starts up again Jan. 8th - again, 4 nights a week. See, I'm pretty boring. No major parties, no huge scandals, no drama (thankfully!), no illegal activities. Just me, my books, my painting and my work. That's all.

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Deedee said...

Tuna mousse?? Fancy schmancy! Hope you have a great NYE, post some pics!

christine said...

happy new year rie!!