December 13, 2011

Posted by Rie On 7:44 PM
Tuesdays are nice. I'm off work early and I usually have the evening to myself, to do whatever I please. So I did some grocery shopping - avoided too many impulse items and stuck to my mental list. Then I started to make dinner when S. came over to store some of her moving boxes and she ended up staying to dinner. Nice to have someone to eat with for a change and even nicer that she had plans to do things afterwards so I could carry on with my Tuesday night plans. Now it's coffee and loud music - Marilyn Manson - and then it'll be a cleaning evening before I crash on my couch with hopefully a good book.

Things are okay here. Not super good but not bad either. I don't know why but I've been feeling slightly meh-ish the last couple of days. Don't ask why because I really don't know. Just meh.

And I've been super tired. But that's because I had a crazy party weekend (again) and I may have pushed it just a little too hard. I have to soon realize that I'm no longer 20 years old. I don't recover as quick anymore. Not because I was hungover but I didn't sleep too much and had two really late nights. Next weekend won't be as bad, I don't think. My plan is to stay home Friday night but go out Saturday.... that might be a long night.

Time to start cleaning.

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