December 21, 2011

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My shifts this week at the youth club were changed a bit so instead of opening the club today, I have my Thursday shift today and then the opening shift tomorrow. Confused?

I "behaved" myself last Friday night. I did NOT go out and instead spent a nice and quiet evening at home. Hell has not frozen over and pigs still can't fly. I don't remember the last time I spent a quiet Friday night at home and just.... relaxed. I read a book. I soaked my feet. I surfed the Net. I basically spent the entire evening curled up on my couch and it was wonderful. And that meant that I was awake and ready to do laundry and cleaning Saturday morning-ish and was the responsible adult that I am sometimes supposed to be.

Saturday night... well, that's another story. I went over to a friend's place for dinner and drinks. Then we went to the Pub for more drinks. And dancing. The time flew by and before we knew it, it was 5am and the Pub was closing. We were not ready to go home. So after all the guests had left the building, us Pub people continued on with our party.... it was so much fun. I am very rarely at the morning parties (because I'm old-ish) but I stuck around for this one and I'm glad I did. I was home at 11am and trust me, I was tired! (and slightly tipsy....) Lots of laughs and just a really good time.

M.'s dog - such a cute puppy. 
Morning party - somehow, I got wound up in tape and decorated. 

Sunday was made for relaxing. And I did just that. Skyped it out with my parents and ordered take-out.

And now it's Wednesday and I'm ready for a good day. I slept in - couldn't get my ass out of bed when my alarm clock rang but that's nothing new. I'm drinking coffee and listening to music and soon will take a shower so I'm ready to take over the world. Or at least the creative workshop at the youth club. Tomorrow is my last day at my "real" job before the xmas holidays and then it'll be nice to have some days off.

Ohhhh - I almost forgot. At the youth club, we all have our own cafĂ© day where we make a late lunch for the kids. Usually I have Wednesdays. But I swapped with my boss (the reason why I'm working tonight) and got stuck with his food day on Monday..... To tell you a secret - I'm not that great in the kitchen. My dad's the greatest cook in the world so growing up, I never had to think about food. He was always able to whip something up in no time which is why I never cooked. Ever. Then I move to DK alone and am forced to fend for myself. I can cook the basics. I love cooking for myself (then if it goes wrong, I only wreck my own dinner) but when I started working at the youth club, almost 5 years ago, I started cooking for the kids every Wednesday. I had no choice. They need to eat so I need to make something. So to play it safe, I always stick to the dishes I know how to cook. Dishes that I just can't screw up.

But.... Monday was a change for me. I was forced to cook up a roast with brown sugar potatoes and gravy. My boss and other co-workers thought it was hilarious because they knew I was freaking out. But!! I had a long talk with my dad on Skype Sunday night and got step-by-step instructions and decided to take up the challenge brought upon me. Fuck it, if it went wrong, then I'd buy pizza for the kids.

It went great! YAY! Not as good as if my dad had made it but definitely great for me. My first time making gravy and sugar potatoes and the kids loved it. A tiny bit too salty but nothing that ruined the meal.

Cooking up the sugar potatoes. I have the stupidest smile but I was concentrating on my food. 

The pork roast!

Gravy with no lumps!

I made way too much food. We couldn't eat it all but we definitely tried. 
 I took the challenge and I kicked ass.

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