February 14, 2007

Posted by Rie On 5:57 PM
Ok, I need some ideas from you guys! The Danish Halloween (Fastelavn) is just around the corner and I need a costume idea. We're all getting dressed up on Monday at work and I need a costume! Something that can be made and is super cool but cheap. I have some ideas but they just seem so lame!

Any ideas? The only restriction is that I can't look too sexy - kind of obvious since I'm working with kids....

2 Intelligent comments:

Deedee said...

Hey Man!
I think you should dress up as Canada....or a Canadian Back-packer...represent the true north strong and free!!! The Back-packer thing would be easy - you really just need a back-pack that has a Canada patch on it.
Or you could duct tape a pillow to your tummy and be a pregnant lady. Those are my ideas.
Peace out!

Glenda-Bean said...

I love the Canadian idea! That's what you should totally go as!!!