February 14, 2007

Posted by Rie On 10:52 AM
How is everyone doing? I'm ok - I have a cold so I'm snotty and feeling yucky but I'm drinking my tea and hoping that it'll soon go away. I don't have time to be sick and I don't want to use my energy on being sick. I'll have to buy some more NeoCitron when I'm back in Canada because that stuff works wonders when I have a cold!!

Other than being all snotty, I'm doing just fine. Work is great and I'm happy for it. I opened up alone on Monday and pretty much yesterday as well (I came early so I got everything set up before the other guy showed up). I'm still feeling a little lost at times but that's normal with new jobs. Sometimes I'm a little unsure of myself but I think all in all things are going good.

I visited Heidi Monday evening in Horsens and we had a good time. Guess what! I found Oreo Cookies in a small grocery store and I totally stocked up! Mmmm, Oreos!! I saw her new home and it's a cute place! It's quite a bit smaller than her old place but very cozy. She also seems happy for her school and come next year, she'll be ready to start in Sweden. Yes, she's moving away from me for a few years but I know she'll be home for some long weekends and I totally want to visit her a long weekend - I've never been to Sweden!

Yesterday evening, I visited Gitte, Morten and their two kids, Magnus and Sophie - it was my first time coming out to their home even though they've been living there for ages now! Magnus is also sick so he was a bit of handful but that's the way things are with kids. But it was great seeing them again - Gitte looks good. Tired but happy. Sophie is the newest addition to their family, she's only around 5 months old and is so cute! I hope to see them again soon!

I have a short shift today at work, only for around 3 hours so I was able to sleep in today and will be able to relax tonight with Anders. It'll be nice to spend some time with him! He's been pretty busy too lately so I'm sure it'll be a quiet night.

Oreos and NeoCitron doesn't taste good together....

I don't really have anything else to write about and since my brain is quite mushy, I'm going to end my post here and get ready for work. I'm waiting anxiously to hear from Jonna or Brian - Mathilde is coming into the world today and I'm very excited for them! Jonna is having a planned C-section and was put into the operating room here at 9am. Wow, I wonder if she was able to at all sleep last night!

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