February 11, 2007

Posted by Rie On 10:14 PM
Sundays are usually good days for me. Well, when I'm hungover, then it's not fun but luckily that doesn't happen too often anymore. Sundays are when I relax and get stuff done here at home. I get to talk to my parents and my brother on Skype and I usually get to hang out with Anders - eat dinner together, watch movies and just spend some time together. That's exactly what I did today... Slept in, did laundry and cleaned up around here while listening to loud music. Anders came over and we ate dinner together and just hung out until it was time to talk to my parents and brother. After skype, I did some photo work for Norup and the girlgroup and after this post, I'm going to finish up on an art project and then go to bed.

Things are really good here. I'm happy for my new job and I feel very good about it - I think it's going to go really well. I'm not as nervous anymore and I'm getting into the routine of things. I'm finding time to spend with my friends as well so I've been busy between work and a social life! Friday after work, I spent time with Didde - I haven't seen her in months, not since she moved and had a baby so it was wonderful seeing her again. Saturday was the Thaiboxing night and I ate dinner with Tine before we went to see the fights. The fights were actually pretty cool and I saw lots of people I know so that was fun too. My friend, Thomas, unfortunately lost his match but it was still a good fight. I didn't bring my camera but a friend promised me to send some pictures and if they're any good, I'll post some.

After the Thaiboxing thing, we all went to our usual drinking hangout and partied. It was ok but I was quite tired after starting the new job and everything so I took it easy. People were still going strong with the drinking and dancing when I went home at 230am but I wanted to catch up on some sleep. Sleeeeeep........

Tomorrow after work, I'm going to Horsens to visit Heidi and see her new place. I hope to visit Gitte on Tuesday after work and then spend some time with Anders on Wednesday. Friday, a bunch of us will probably be meeting up for coffee and drinks but it won't be anything crazy because Anders' stepdad has invited us all out for dinner on Saturday to celebrate his 50th bday.... Yeah, it's going to be a busy week but a good week.

Rie and Karin working at the school party! It was a good night, lots of kids came and I think they all had fun dancing and just hanging out. I even got dragged out onto the dance floor!

Lise and Rie - Lise is taking over my girlgroup and came with me last Tuesday to our "Photo Shoot" night. The kids liked Lise and she didn't get scared off. This picture was taken on the bus after work and we were tired. The girls can sometimes be a handful!

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