June 4, 2007

Posted by Rie On 8:04 PM
Right now I'm at work and honestly, I have absolutely nothing to do. It's summer weather and we have a holiday tomorrow so all of our kids are out drinking and partying. So here I am, writing a short post and killing time.

The weekend went by way too quickly. I had a party here at work - a BBQ with all my co-workers and that was fun. It was nice getting to know them in a more casual way, without the usual kids running around. Saturday morning, Didde picked me up and we went on a flea market mission, drove around to different markets and second-hand stores.... didn't really find anything interesting but we had fun. Also went out for lunch and walked around Vejle. Saturday evening, Anders and I went over to his parent's place for dinner and saw the soccor game on TV (DK vs. Sweden) - I don't usually care much for soccor but wow, I'm glad I saw this game! With one minute to go, tied 3-3, DK just received a red card - some drunken soccor fan decides to tackle the referee. Seriously! He tried to bodycheck him. Anyways, the ref got pissed off and decided to stop the game, take away the goals from DK and now the Danish soccor league most likely won't qualify for the European Championships.... not because I'm a soccor freak but this incident has definitely made soccor a little more interesting!

I have a nasty sunburn.... we went to the beach yesterday and now I'm burnt. Not fun.

I'm babbling right now but seriously, I have nothing to do. I have around 2 hours left on my shift and I've already done all the dishes, cleaned up around the computers, made dinner and done everything I can do before we close.

July 3rd is my 10 year anniversary. I moved to DK July 3 1997 and I decided that it's a damn good excuse to hold a kick-ass party. And that I will be doing June 30, most likely as a open BBQ for my friends and family. I haven't worked out all the details yet but there is definitely planned a party that night. 10 years in DK - time sure flies by. I remember leaving Canada as though it was yesterday and never imagined myself staying here for more than a year. Here I am, 10 years later, living like any other Dane in DK....

On that note, I'm ending this very odd post. Yes, I'm bored. When I'm bored, I ramble and babble. That's what I do.

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Hogsberg said...

10 yrs? Wow already.. Have I really known you for almost ten yrs now..? Thats wicked!! :-) Sad that I can't come to your party, but then we'll kick arse big time at the Metallica concert.. :-) H.

christine said...

10 years? you're kiddin me?!?!?!

I didn't meet you before you left, but I've know ABOUT you for almost that long! hehehehe.

wow, that means that I've known Glenda for almost ten years! wowzers!