June 10, 2007

Posted by Rie On 10:49 AM
It's hot outside! Yups, summer is here, at least it is this weekend. It's been between 25-30 degrees for the last couple of days and yesterday was almost unbearable - I had to go inside away from the sun after a couple of hours because I'm not always best friends with the sun. I don't tan - I burn. I'm still suffering from last weekend - Christa, Lise, Anders and I went to the beach and after 2 hours in the sun, I had my first sunburn this year. I'm not in pain anymore but I'm still suffering because it is so ITCHY!
I've been pretty busy this week. Extra work on Tuesday instead of enjoying my stat-holiday like everyone else but it was either then or on the weekend. We all decided Tuesday was good and even though it was hard work, we were able to have some fun while moving hundreds of boxes from a container to different rooms in our building. I was the only female there, definitely the smallest and not the strongest and I was the one moving boxes. The boys had a laugh over that! But I survived and decided to drop my hour at the gym that day because I had already gotten plenty of exercise!

Wednesday was fun. We had a HUGE water fight at work. Me, one of my co-workers and a bunch of kids went crazy and ended up being soaked. Seriously, it wasn't just with some wimpy plastic water guns - we used balloons, buckets, hoses and whatever we could use to throw water at each other. Anyone who knows me, knows that I do not shy away from this type of "childish behaviour" and since everyone decided to gang up on me, I was just drenched when Lena came and picked me up. Oh well, it's only water! Lena and I had a really nice evening - we did some shopping (after I put on some dry clothes!), made dinner together and just hung out at my place. She stayed the night and drove home after breakfast - it was a really nice, quiet night and I hope we can do that again soon.

When Lena drove home Thursday morning, I went to get my eyes checked. I've been noticing a problem with my vision for a long time but I've been stalling, afraid of what I already knew.... yups, I'm near-sighted with an astigmatism in my left eye.... (ok, I just looked that up in the dictionary because I didn't know what the english word is for "bygningsfejl") Apparently my left eye is shaped like a football intead of a soccor ball which is, along with being nearsighted, causing problems with my vision. Yups, I need glasses. But, I can't afford glasses just yet so I'll have to survive without for a while longer. Oh well, I don't drive so I'm not a danger to society without glasses.

I spent the evening with Anders Friday - he's again in Copenhagen for work stuff lately and came home for the weekend. We just hung out, watched movies, ate icecream and basically had a quiet night. Tine and AK came over Saturday evening - we ordered takeout, had some drinks and just talked. We had originally planned to go to the bars but we ended up being too tired to do much of anything. Tired, not drunk - we didn't drink that much at all. So when they left, I went to bed and slept like a baby!

It's now Sunday and here I am. Anders and I plan on driving to the west coast today and spending some time together before he takes off to Copenhagen again early tomorrow morning. I better remember my sunscreen this time!

Lena and Rie

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christine said...

bygningsfejl !!!!

that sounds way worse in danish than it does in english! its sounds almost deadly!