June 18, 2007

Posted by Rie On 7:18 PM
I'm at work and it's pretty much dead here. It's definitely easy to tell that it's summer now because all the kids and teenagers have other things to do - the youth club is open for teenagers and the three kids that were here are now gone. My two co-workers are sitting outside just talking and I'm kinda just wandering back and forth. It's going to be a long night if nobody shows up.

Nothing new to report here. I was at work Friday, all day and all night. I took a 22 hour shift and gained some extra hours for my trip to Canada. I didn't really do much else this weekend. Went to the movies and saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Johnny Depp is hot.

Ohhh, three girls just showed up. I haven't seen them before... They'll probably take off again when they see that no one else is here... But I should log off and look like I'm alive just in case.

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Deedee said...

Johnny Depp IS hot. Delicious. Hed gives me tingles.

Deedee said...

lol...HE give me tingles!!!! Ooops.