June 24, 2007

Posted by Rie On 7:54 PM
Ok, here is a "real" post - not just some words of boredom while I'm at work. I'm at home, the music is playing, I have my coffee, the windows are open and here I am!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTINE! I know it was on Friday but I still wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed your special day. I met Christine quite a few years ago and we were able to hang out last summer when I was home for Glenda's wedding. Christine is super cool and I'm so glad I can call her my friend! These pictures are from last summer - July/August 2006.

Glenda, Christine and Leah - Glenda's bridal shower.

Leah and Christine - they planned Glenda's bachelorette party and we all had so much fun!

Christine and her husband Joel - one of the cutest couples I know!

Things here are pretty good. I've been busy with work but I only have one week left and then it's summer vacation! Yay, me! I actually have quite a long vacation this year - we're closed all of July and I go back to work for 2 weeks, then I'm off for 3 weeks to Canada. I guess I can't complain! Other than work, I've been just doing my own thing. Gitte visited me Thursday morning before work with her daughter, Sofie and we just talked, catching up on each other's lives. Lena picked me up from work Friday and we hung out at my place. Made a really yummy (and super healthy!) dinner, drank wine and had a good, quiet night. Lena is really crafty and made me a cool leather small bag and helped me sew a funky pillow case - I'll get some pictures next time. She has so many great ideas!

I haven't really done much this weekend. Took some extra hours at work Saturday and then hung out with Anders the rest of the weekend. I started a new book - Fast Food Nation - and I'm told that after I read this book, I will NOT want to eat fast food ever again! Anders and I drove to Germany today to pick up beer, pop, wine and some goodies for my family in Canada. When we buy in large amounts, it's cheaper to take the drive down to the border and shop. I'm throwing a party on Saturday for family and friends to celebrate my 10yrs in DK and I needed all sorts of liquids.

I got my eyes checked a little while ago and the verdict was that I needed glasses. Here I am, with my new glasses.... yes, they still need to be adjusted better to fit my crooked head but I'm wearing them and trying to get used to the feeling of having them on. What do you guys think?

That's all I have from here. I hope everyone is doing good and enjoying their weekend!!

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christine said...

thanks for the birthday wishes!! I'm so happy too that we had the chance to meet years ago and re-connect last year! Its so great that youre enjoying your life in denmark and its hard to believe that its been ten years! but you'll always have a home and friends waiting for you here!
ps. your glasses are hot!

Hogsberg said...

Hej Brilleabe ;-) See I told you to pick the red ones.. You look sofisticated and cool.. Congrats on your glasses.. Kram H.

Glenda-Bean said...

Some how I missed this post. Your glasses look great! Are you far sighted or near sighted? Welcome to the eye glass club!