June 29, 2007

Posted by Rie On 8:56 AM
Things have been super busy here the past few days. We're getting ready for summer vacation at work so even if no kids are there, we have lots to do. I'm going to work 2 hours early today just to get some stuff done (and to get a decent breakfast!). When I'm not working, I've been busy with everything else. Getting my apartment to look at least half decent for when Lena comes over Saturday and getting ready for the party too. At least the party isn't being held at my place but still, lots of preparations to be done. Shopping, planning, cleaning etc. If the weather is nice - at least better than what we've been having lately, then everything should go.

Here are my plans for the party: Lena and hopefully also Tine are helping me with preparations. With them there, they can help me relax and we'll be able to have some fun - drink some wine while chopping up veggies. People are arriving at 530pm and they have been told to bring their own meat while I am providing everything else. My work was nice enough to let me party there so we have a huge kitchen (with an industry size dishwasher!), an area with tables and chairs, a slurpie machine, music possibilities, a pool table, BBQ, grass area for kiddies to play and everything else that is needed while hosting a BBQ. Family and friends have been invited - 21 adults are coming and some kids too. The menu is meat (whatever they bring), pasta salat with the works, tuna mousse, bread, potato salat and ice cream with fruit. I still need to do the last minute shopping and then I'm pretty much ready. I bought vodka for one side of the slurpie machine and whiskey for Irish coffee and I have beer, wine, pop and koolaid (for the kiddies!).... I think I have everything....

Ok, that ended up being a long babble session.... Sorry, I'm just nervous, I have a feeling that I forgot something and also I get nervous when I'm having parties. All the "what if's" are going through my head - what if they don't have fun, or the food isn't good, or if people don't come. What if it rains or if I forgot something.....

Argh, the stress! But I'm sure I remembered everything and I'm sure it'll be fun. I'm glad Lena and Tine are willing to help me out and at least just keep me from going crazy tomorrow before the other guests arrive!

I'll post pictures on Sunday (if I'm not hungover!!!) HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND and to those in Canada - HAPPY CANADA DAY!!

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Tine said...

Hey Rie - I'm looking forward to the party. Just let me know when to come and I'll be there. Don't stress out!