January 18, 2012

Posted by Rie On 5:38 PM
It's been a crap day. I don't even know why but it sucked at work today. The kids drove me nuts, my co-workers drove me nuts and everything just went wrong.


But now I'm home and I'm forcing myself to let it all go and just relax. I did some quick shopping after work so now I don't have to do anything or go anywhere..... I could just curl up on the couch and read. Drink tea. Maybe even just go to bed. Or take a really long hot shower. Or go for a walk (it's raining so probably not....) The possibilities are endless and I already feel better.

I'm doing otherwise okay. Work last weekend at the pub was lots of fun - friends, drinks and loud music. Plus a little flirting. Flirting is always fun, especially since I'm single and the guy is pretty cute. And a great dancer. If it's just flirting for fun or some serious flirting, I don't know. So I'll  just leave it at that for the time being and see what happens.

I'm out of here again - but not without some random pictures.....

Just me....

Having some fun at the youth club with afro wigs. Why not?

October Beerfest in Vejle. 

Party after a shift at the pub. Yes, I'm tied up and decorated.
I hope everyone has a great Wednesday. Mine is all of a sudden much better.

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