January 12, 2012

Posted by Rie On 11:55 AM
So I started playing this scrabble game on my smartphone - just like everyone else. I'll admit it, I'm a word nerd and this is so addictive. I can play against friends or random people and I can play it in Danish or English. Way cool. And I kick ass at it. So much that several friends believe that I'm cheating - which I'm NOT! Is it so hard to believe that a Canadian can be good at Danish scrabble? Apparently so. I have definitely shocked a few people who probably thought I would have been an easy game for them. Proved them wrong.

The usually Thursday morning for me. Music and coffee is a must. I haven't gotten out of my pj's yet and don't plan on doing so until the last minute. I spent last night reading so I slept in today. All the should haves and could haves are trying to give me a guilty conscience for not doing anything last night or this morning but I'm fighting it. Yes, I should have done laundry - and I could have done it - but guess what? - I didn't! I should have emptied my dishwasher and I could have done it but I didn't do it. (That one I can still do before work). 

I have a busy weekend coming up. Work at the Pub both Friday and Saturday night. It's been a while since I had to work both nights in one weekend but I'm looking forward to it. Good fun. 

Dyed my hair last night. Nothing funky. It was starting to get all dull and boring so I found a gorgeous rich chocolate brown dye on sale and got to work last night. (Yes, I'm the type of person who colors my hair at 11pm.) I like it.

And I'm working on my ideas for my next tattoo. And I can feel that I'm on the right track because I'm so excited. If only my tattoo guy would get his ass back from Miami so I can get some feedback and then start it up. I'll keep you posted! 

Okay - the plan is this: 1. Make more coffee. 2. See why my phone has been going crazy the past 5 minutes. WordFeud? 3. Empty dishwasher. 4. Fold clothes. 5. Take a shower. 6. Make more coffee. 7. Go to work. 

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