September 12, 2006

Posted by Rie On 10:57 PM
Blogger has decided to be nice to me today and let me upload some more pictures....

Me and my mom. We were waiting for my bus to Vancouver - saying goodbye to them wasn't easy.

Me and my dad - and all my luggage. Tee hee, I always drag a whole lot of stuff back to Denmark!

I'm sad - I'm leaving and I cry when I have to say goodbye. Call me a freak, I don't care. I had a good trip and it was hard to say goodbye.

It's a good thing I have friends in Denmark that can show me a good time when I'm sad. This is a picture from the local bar - me and Christa had a good time with some drinks and dancing.

Tee hee, I just love this picture of Deeds wearing a ball-and-chain. It was meant to be for Nathan for his bachelor party but that thing was very heavy. It was the real deal.... and funny!

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