September 11, 2006

Posted by Rie On 10:45 AM
Christine told me that I should try re-sizing my photos and voila! Here I am with some pictures of my new home. Thank you Christine! (I feel like an idiot, here I am blaming blogger but in the end, it was me not thinking...) Anyways, here are a couple photos of my new home, nevermind the mess and the awful looking Rie - I was getting sick and I was tired as all hell!
This is the table and chairs I bought from Didde - a little old-fashioned but simple and I love it. I have turned the table so it is up against the wall in my living room. I have one more bookshelf in my bedroom but I have already run out of room for all my books. Not that I have that many but my collection is definitely growing and I will need more shelving/storage. The tv/dvd is on the other side of the window and the couch is to the right of the camera-man. He is standing in the doorway that leads to the hallway.

Rie in the very messy "I-haven't-packed-out-yet" bedroom. I still don't have my blinds up so for now, I am using a blanket for some privacy. To the right of the picture, there are 3 closet spaces - just enough room for all my clothes, art stuff and junk. They came with the apartment which meant I didn't have to invest in a closet system - perfect for a starving student. The camera-man is standing in the doorway, leading into the hallway.

I actually like this picture! And yes, I smoke too much. Here I am sitting on my "new" old couch, donated by Jonna and Brian. Thank you guys!! I don't have a coffee table just yet so I'm using the puff that came with the couch with a wooden tray as a table and it works just fine. The couch is facing the window and tv/dvd and again, the cameraman is standing with the doorway to the hall to his right.

One more of Rie, this time in the kitchen. The cameraman is standing again, take a wild guess - in the doorway to the hall! It's a fairly narrow kitchen but behind me, to the left, there is a hack out where I have the computer table and chair. But I might change that around and put my painting stuff there. The fridge is kinda behind the door at the very front of the picture and as you can see, I have lots of cupboard space. The other door right beside me is the back entrance that takes me directly out to the parking lot/play area for kids/garbage container etc. Plus the laundry room is just right around the corner when I come outside the back way.

There you go, the first pictures of my new home. I will take more and it already looks a bit different after I have organized and packed everything out. But I'm happy and enjoying my work-in-progress.

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christine said...

welcome to your new home - it looks wicked!! I'm so glad that you're able to post photos again, I was going into withdrawl!!!