August 18, 2006

Posted by Rie On 7:49 AM
Mom, Dad, JC and I took the boat up-island and stayed at Cowichan Bay for a night. This was the first time that we slept on the boat and it was a good trip. We even had the dogs with us and they seemed to do alright. The sun was shining but unfortunately, there wasn't much wind on our trip back to Goldstream so we had to motor it most of the way.

I got really sleepy on the trip back to Goldstream and I guess Spencer did too. We had a nice long nap.

Mom and Charlie - the dogs didn't seem to mind their life-jackets although it must have been quite hot for them.

We're docked at Cowichan Bay and the dogs didn't have to wear their life-jackets.

Cowichan Bay - Rie and two small dogs.

JC and Charlie

Dad, Mom and Spencer

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christine said...

keep the photos of the dogs coming, they are too cute!