August 21, 2006

Posted by Rie On 5:27 AM
Dad is sleeping on the chair, Mom is playing around on her computer and Chris is also busy doing something on the computer and here I am - on the computer...

(I have loads of pictures to add to this post but blogger is acting up and won't accept any of my uploads.)

I'm actually pretty tired. It was a busy weekend, seeing my friends for the last time and picking up last-minutes goods at the local Walmart. Glenda and I can go crazy at Walmart but I think I actually behaved this time. No shoes. (But I was tempted!!)

Friday, I met up with an old friend, Rachel, and we went out for dinner with my brother, Glenda and Nathan. We had some drinks afterwards but nothing too crazy and wild. We were good and it was fun seeing Rachel again! She seems to be doing good and really enjoys experiencing the world by travelling to places like Thailand, Spain, England and even Denmark. I'm glad I caught her while she was here in Victoria!

Saturday, I hung out with Glenda and Nathan and their dog, Thor. He's a freaking huge dog but also friendly. We went for a short hike, went to the beach and then took the dog for a bath. I don't think Thor really likes taking baths! After that, we did some shopping (Walmart!) and then went back to Glenda and Nathan's place. We were planning on having a birthday party for Deeds but unfortunately, she caught a very nasty flu/virus and was forced to cancel. Deeds, it sucks ass that you were sick! I was really looking forward in celebrating your birthday and just hanging out! I hope you feel better soon!

So Glenda, Nathan and I ordered pizza, bought some beer and sat in their backyard but I still had fun. Steve, his roommate and Dan came over and hung around with us. It was a quiet but a fun night. Lots of laughs and it was just really comfortable and relaxing.

I came home to Sooke with Glenda after we had a late breakfast with Nathan and Dan where we swapped all our pictures of her wedding and just hung out with my parents and Chris. He is leaving tomorrow, very early in the morning so this was his last night in Sooke. Tomorrow is my last night in Sooke - my vacation is coming to an end and it's time to return to reality.

Reality Bites.

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christine said...

rie, it was wicked seeing you again. i am so glad that we had the opportunity to spend the time together that we did. i know that it will be awhile before you come back again, and i hope that i am here when you do come. thanks for making mine and joel's time in victoria interesting!! much love to you,
until next time,

Hikke said...

Hi sweetie.. Im looking forward to your return to the Kingdom.. I want to hear all about your trip, so lets meet at Konrad's soon for a spicy potato snack..! ;-)

Hugs Hikke

Glenda-Bean said...

Hey man! Your vacation may be coming to an end but the reality is that we all had a great time and we all have a lifetime of memories from this summer! It's been fantastic and the bright side is that your coming back for another visit next year! "ROCK IT Beaglemania 2007"!!! :o) Much love!!!