August 29, 2006

Posted by Rie On 2:51 PM
I'm still having problems uploading pictures... so that's why it's all text and no visual elements!

I'm slowly getting things ready for my big move on Friday. I've ordered my internet (max 2 weeks wait), figured out my tv license, electricity, when I can pick up my key, found a truck to move my things and filled out all the moving forms that have to be handed in tomorrow.

I'm pretty busy this week - today I have to work and finish getting all my school stuff organised. I start classes on Friday and I still need to buy my books. Wednesday, Mia convinced me to go to the gym with her and I have to hand in all the moving papers and stuff. Then we're going to visit my aunt and uncle - free food! They want to see all the pictures from my trip and plus they might have some kitchen stuff for me - way cool! Thursday, I have to work, pick up my key and somehow get out to the "country" for Thomas' 1 year bday - which means I need to find a suitable gift for him. I can't be out that late since Friday morning, I have early classes and I need to print stuff out before classes start - I don't have my own printer yet.... But then at 4pm, I start my big move! Yay me!

Mia came home last night with some awesome news. We have now tickets to Rolling Stones. This Sunday! So it'll be a very busy weekend but super cool - I finally get my own home and we get to see the legendary Stones!

I'm running again - I have things to do and places to be - tee hee, I just have to work soon. Sucks to be me!

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christine said...

why is blogger always plotting against you???
good luck with the move