August 18, 2006

Posted by Rie On 7:35 AM
My mom, Allison and I went to Seattle for a couple of days to meet up with my aunt, Stritte. Four girls just doing our own thing - shopping, walking, eating and a whole lot of laughs. Thank you Mormor and Bebba for making that happen. I haven't seen Stritte in around 12 years and it was definitely a couple of days I'll always remember.

We found a really cool bar/restaurant that was open 24hrs. The waitresses were tattoo'd from head to toe, the cook was kinda scary looking and so were some of the customers. But it was a GREAT place - friendly people and good food for a decent price.

Rie and Stritte - we went to a really big bookstore and I think all of us could go crazy in there and just buy lots of good stuff.

Allison, Rie and Stritte - on the bus after a shopping trip. We were tired and did NOT/could NOT walk back to the hotel.

Allison, Mom and Stritte - they all look very concentrated.

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