August 22, 2006

Posted by Rie On 9:01 AM
Last night here in Canada. Tomorrow at this time, I will be somewhere in the air on my way to Amsterdam. At least I hope so - Vancouver Airport security people are striking tomorrow so I really don't know if that'll affect my flight. Cross your fingers, people. It's not because I'm in a hurry to leave Canada but spending time at the airport wasn't exactly my idea of fun.

I have said many goodbyes today and I'm quite sad right now. Yes, I am a bit of a baby when it comes to saying goodbyes but as Glenda mentioned earlier this evening, this time is a bit easier because I know for a fact that I am definitely coming home next year in August. I haven't said goodbye to my parents and that'll be tough. Luckily we talk so much via internet that it doesn't feel like I'm all that far away.

Still, this isn't easy. This evening was like a rollercoaster. It was hard saying bye to Glenda - she's just such an amazing person and a great friend. And she's lucky to have a guy like Nathan - he is a great guy. You guys - the wedding was beautiful and I love you both dearly!

Dan drove me home today and I said my goodbyes to him - I can't believe we went 8 years without seeing each other! This time, I hope we don't lose contact because he's a special guy and a good friend. It was awesome seeing him again.

I haven't had a chance to really say bye to Deedee - I really hope I get a chance to give her a hug tomorrow and tell her how awesome she is... then again, she already knows that she's super cool and that I love her lots.

I've seen several friends over the course of the summer and I will miss them all. Shauna, Chris, Mike, Steve, Christine (and Joel), Leah (and Josh), Rachel and whoever else I missed... (hey, give me a break, it's late here and my brain isn't really functioning all too well)

But tomorrow I'm gone. Luckily I come home to some great friends and I know I won't be alone. I've missed my friends in Denmark and once I get settled in my new apartment Sept 1st, things will get back to "normal".... whatever that is. My new place, school, friends, my new job and everything to do with the youth club and all my "bratty" kids.

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