August 3, 2006

Posted by Rie On 5:21 PM
Hi Everyone!

I don't have any pictures to post this time but I did want to say hi. I'm halfway out the door to meet up with Deeds so I'll have to make this short. Things are great here, I've just been hanging around the house and with some friends - nothing too interesting to report back to DK. But it's nice being able to relax now since I know that tomorrow will be the beginning of a couple busy days.

I most likely will not be around a computer for the next couple of days as I will be crashing at a friends house due to all the wedding preparations and the actual wedding. Plus I will be going to Seattle on Tuesday with my mom to see my aunt!! I'm sure we'll have a blast - thank you Mormor and Bebba for making it happen! I haven't seen my aunt in around 12 years!

So, as you can tell, life is good here and I'm having a great time!

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