April 29, 2007

Posted by Rie On 10:01 AM
Givskud Zoo - Anders and I wanted to do something outside yesterday so we decided to drive out to the zoo. It's more of an outdoor zoo but the weather was gorgeous and we had lots of fun.
Rie and Water Buffalo

The flamingos starting fighting with each other - looked hilarious!

The bison are huge - bigger than Anders' car.

For most of the other animals, except the lions, we could easily have our windows down while driving in the "safari" but these guys would stick their heads in and try to say hi.

The wolves had just been fed - this guy looks pissed off!

A giraff and bright blue sky!

Rie and a dwarf-hippo - and some really ugly bird in the background.

The gorilla's looked very smug and just watched us watching them.

The lion cage reminded me of Jurassic Park and no open car windows allowed in this part of the safari. The lions could come and jump on the cars if they really wanted to. But these lions were lazy today - must have been the heat and the big meal they had a couple of days ago (see the skeleton?)

One of my favorite animals - the elephant. These two elephants were smooching just before we took a picture.

We had a fun day, had a picnic at the zoo, walked around, ate ice cream and looked at all the animals. Lots of laughs too. Anders is going to Copenhagen May 6 - May 16 for work stuff and if our budgets permit it, I'll go over there for a weekend and we're talking about going to the big zoo. We'll see what happens.

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gaby said...

Hi Rie!

Thanks for passing along the info about your blog! Im enjoying the pictures and I think I will need some afternoons to see all of them!

Thanks for visiting my blog and pls continue doing it so Im posting more pics!