April 5, 2007

Posted by Rie On 1:28 PM
I am now officially on Easter break! I enjoyed my first full day off work - all the jobs! - and had a great day yesterday. (Lille) Lise came over during the day and helped me rearrange my bedroom and then we just talked and painted.... She's an artsy type person too so we had a good day. Christa came over later on in the afternoon after Lise went home and we ended up talking all evening - and spending some money on an impulse drive to Bilka (Bilka is a large department/grocery store in Vejle).

Everything is good here - the sun in shining, I have my windows open and enjoying the spring breeze. I'm in the middle of doing dishes (which I seriously hate) and just bumming around my home. Anders is coming over later on today and I'm not sure what the plan is. I think we'll head over to Christa's place (she lives right across the street from me) and have a couple of beers to celebrate life. Life is good. Tomorrow is free food day - Anders' parents invited us over for an Easter lunch and that usually means lots and lots of good food. Perfect for someone like me who doesn't really have the greatest eating habits. But it's hard since I worked everyday and evening where dinner consisted of something quick and easy to make in our 1/2 break at 530pm. I'm not sure what my plans are for the rest of the Easter holidays - Tine is back in business after being sick for the past... LONG TIME.... so I hope we'll get a chance to hang out. Heidi has an amazingly busy weekend so I don't think I'll be seeing her this time around. Lena and Laine have invited us to visit them in Kolding so maybe I should give them a call and take them up on their offer. Other than just hanging out with friends, I don't have anything planned. Maybe a couple loads of laundry and a few late night movies...

Deeds wrote a post on www.facebook.com and I'll have to agree with her. It's kinda fun re-connecting with old friends and seeing what people have been up too lately. I haven't had the chance to really play around with that site yet but so far, so good. Not that many Danes on it yet but that'll come, I'm sure. So to anyone who hasn't heard about that site, check it out and see what it's all about!

Ok, I've babbled enough and I'm trying to avoid doing my dishes so I should just get my shit together. Everyone - HAVE A GREAT EASTER!!!

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Tine said...

Happy Easter! Hope to see you soon... I am longing to get out and enjoy life/meet real people again. :)