April 19, 2007

Posted by Rie On 8:54 AM
I went to the gym yesterday. And then I went to the grocery store and only got healthy food. Wow, I must not be feeling well. Christa and I have decided to start training together and we started yesterday at her gym. She was training before but fell off the training wagon when she went on vacation in Thailand a month ago so now we're getting our shit together. We decided that the extra exercise would be good for us and Lise will probably be joining us too. Nothing all too extreme and we don't want to get all crazy about training and eating healthy, just enough to make a small difference and to have some fun.

Nothing else is new here. Work this week is crazy. I have my usual shifts at JB plus I have to work at a no-drinking party Friday night here in Vejle until 1am and then the big party in Jelling (with alcohol) Saturday night until 230am- both parties are for the teenagers in the local areas. BUT, I have to go to a confirmation party with Anders' little brother Sunday and we have to be at church at 11am. Church? Yeps. almost everyone in 7th grade here gets confirmated in church and then has a huge party so we'll be going to church and then doing the family thing on Sunday.

Here are some random pictures...

My aunt, my mormor, my mom and my bebba - picture taken April 10 during the bday weekend at my grandparent's place.

Jonna and baby Mathilde, the last time they were here.

Rie at work at JB. These are some of the girls from the youth club - we're just hanging out, drinking coffee and gossipping.

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