January 9, 2011

Posted by Rie On 11:44 PM
... that I'm not happy with this layout. It's not feeling right for me.

So, if you guys happen to see any blogs that are super cool - strictly layout speaking - please let me know. Send me the link and I will definitely check it out. I'm looking for ideas for a simple, easy-to-read layout that allows me to have a little fun. I like.... I like so many different layouts and that's why I can't decide!!

ARGH! The sorrows of a geek. Yes, I'm a geek and I like that! Damn proud of my certain geeky qualities.

Something funny my mom showed me -. a book called "Adult Child of Hippies" by Willow Yamouchi. It sounds absolutely hilarious!! I totally need to get a hold of that book! So I would now on like to consider myself a geeky adult child of hippie. (Not so much from my dad but I definitely can describe my mom as a slight hippie. And I love her for that!)

Anyways - it's late here and me being the responsible (geeky adult child of hippies), I should be going to bed. I doubt I can sleep. So many ideas and a long to-do list is running through my mind and I wish the weekend was longer. I always wish the weekend was longer..... or I wish I was a little better in using my time wisely. I have so much to do at work tomorrow - I just ordered a huge amount of new supplies and artsy/crafty stuff for our creative workshop and I'm super excited to see what we got. Hopefully the packages will come tomorrow!

End of ramblings for now. Send me links to super cool, super funky and super awesome blogs. And bonus points to those who send links of super wicked nice crafty blogs - I'm in my crafty groove and I want to suck in all the inspiration I can get!

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