January 17, 2011

Posted by Rie On 11:28 AM
I have decided to do a number of posts of things that have happened last year. This post is dedicated to Lise and Limp....

The last weekend of September, Lise and I went over to Copenhagen. It was a short trip but lots of fun. We stayed at her aunt's place - who was super sweet and very generous for letting us crash there. Lise made me drive on the highway for the first time since I got my license and that was scary for me. I did fine, but racing along at 130 km/h was new for me.

Driving on the highway for the first time since I got my license. Very concentrated!!

The reason we went to CPH there was because we got tickets to a Limp Bizkit concert, at one of my favourite venues - Vega. I was at Vega for the +Live+ concert with Heidi a few years back and I just love the place. Small and intimate. Great sound and easy to find. So when Lise said "Hey, Limp is playing and I have tickets. Wanna go?", I said "Sure, sounds good to me.". So after dinner at her aunt's place, we head off to a great concert.

I can never describe a concert properly in writing. It's the entire atmosphere that all adds up to a great concert - the people, the energy, the sound, the smells.... But trust me, it was good. Better than I had actually expected. We were right up in front of the scene and could see everything without being trampled. Fred and the rest of the Limp gang did a great job - connected with the audience and took their time to have some fun. It seemed like they had a great time being there - took time between sets to talk and look around. I'm not the biggest Limp fan but they definitely gained my respect.

He was really good! We stood pretty much right in front of him.

Rocking it out in CPH!

Greeting all the fans.

So, afterwards, we walked around CPH, got some food and just took in the energy. It's a great city - lots of life and diversity. The next morning, we did some shopping and poked around all the little stores and saw some really neat stuff. I didn't get any pictures of our shopping trip but trust me, we had fun!

Lise and me taking a break while checking out CPH.

Grafitti at CPH train station. It says "Art or vandalism?"

It's hard being at a concert and then exploring the city afterwards!

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