January 27, 2011

Posted by Rie On 11:28 AM
And this time, I'm not talking about my blog.

I'm the type of person who loves lists. I make lists for almost everything - what to do today, what to do tomorrow, my future goals and dreams etc. I have probably made a list for anything that needs a list. I'm also the type of person who dreams. I daydream about everything relevant in my life and even things that are impossible. And I daydream about actually doing everything on my lists - but nothing happens!

All the good ideas and goals I have usually don't amount to anything because all I do is.... Dream! Seriously, I can sit on my couch, with no plans, look at my list(s) and think about how nice it would be to actually accomplish something - be able to cross something off. I get the important things done, for example, I ALWAYS pay my bills on time. I have NEVER missed out on a shift due to forgetfulness - even when I did have 4 jobs and that meant some serious planning. I have never missed out on a meeting at work or social events with friends due to forgetfulness....

But - I'm talking about small (and even larger) changes with ME. I know... sounds stupid, eh?

I'm only human (and I'm girly) - I dream about who I can be. Not changing everything about me, because I actually like who I am. I'm talking about certain changes that could eventually improve my life and make me into a better, way more cooler, fun person. So, I asked myself "Why is it so hard for me to do the things I want to do?". And I realized, it's because I'm lazy and I have no will-power. And I'm good at adapting, so if things aren't great but aren't bad, I usually just live with it, without complaining too much.

So here goes. I'm officially telling the world that I'm ready. I'm ready to get my shit together and I'm ready to embrace what can happen and work for it. I want it all bad enough now that it's making my head explode. I'm tired of just dreaming - I want actions now!

And you're probably wondering - what the HELL is she talking about??

Smoking. I'm a smoker and I smoke A LOT! I've been smoking for many years now and it sucks! So, in order to eventually quit - some changes have to be made. No more smoking in my living room, while surfing the net, watching tv or doing a puzzle. I'm not ready to quit just yet but I need to change some of my routines which hopefully will make it easier to quit in the future.

Diet/exercise. I'm not fat. (I hate that word!) But I'm overweight and I don't like it. I'm never going to be the girl who is super slender, with long legs and no rolls on my tummy. I'm short, I have big boobs and my legs are often referred to as tree-trunks. That's who I am. But... I don't need the granny flabby skin on my arms. I don't need 3 rolls on my tummy - one will do just fine. I want to be able to dance and run without dying after 3 minutes. And I know where my problems are ..... I drink too much alcohol and soda/pop. I love bread, chips, french fries and chocolate. I don't eat enough veggies (but I love them!). I'm lazy.

(If I were smoking in my livingroom, I would have lit one right now....)

Creativity. I have so many freaking ideas and plans with what I want to do or make or try out..... I love the fact that my home is often looked at, as something super cool and fun - just like me. But I have many unfinished projects and plans. I often times find myself dreaming more about certain projects, instead of actually doing something. I'm been planning on sending my brother a painting for many months now. I know exactly what I want to make but I never get it done. I have a lamp just sitting on my floor that needs to be revamped and... it's still sitting there.

Those are the major "dreams" I have. I have smaller ones too, that might just make my life easier and better. No more impulse buys - get my savings account going again - be better at getting up at a decent hour instead of sleeping - drink more water - smile more - learn how to cook (better) - write more emails - do laundry more than every 2-3 weeks (then I won't drown in dirty clothes).....

Get my point?

Am I an idiot?

Be nice to me - I just exposed my heart, mind and soul here on the internet. But I feel good about it!

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Glenda-Bean said...

I back you 100% buddy!!!