December 25, 2006

Posted by Rie On 7:30 PM

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I had a really good Christmas and I hope everyone else did too. I spent Christmas with Anders and his parents and brothers as I have done the past few years. It was nice and quiet - very relaxing and fun. We always see the Disney Christmas Show on tv before we eat. It's kinda funny, I remember seeing that "movie" when I was younger because my parents had it on video.

We had a really good meal - duck with all that good stuff. We had ris ala mande (Anders and Soren won the mandelgaver) and we all ate like there was no tomorrow.

The Christmas tree at Inge and Tage's (Anders' parents). I took the picture without the flash so you guys could see the soft lighting and nice colors.

Tage and Inge - we're done eating the main course and taking a break before we start on the ris ala mande.

Singing Danish Christmas songs and dancing around the tree. This is a normal tradition in Denmark but trust me - we are NOT good singers!

Rie and the Christmas tree. I don't know why I sometimes stand like that when someone is taking a picture of me. I look like a moron.

Anders opening up a Christmas present. We were all spoiled rotten!

Rie with a Christmas present from Karin and Ernst - a really nice soft scarf, hat and mittens.

This year, me and my parents had a brilliant idea. We haven't been able to spend Christmas together since I moved to Denmark and for once, the 9-hour time difference was a good thing. I did my Christmas thing and when we were done, I turned on my computer and was able to spend some quality Christmas time with my parents and co. in Sooke. My little brother and his girlfriend Kim, my mom's friend Alli and her son Warren all came over to my parent's place for Christmas. And I was there too! Well, kinda. They placed their laptop with the webcam at the end of the table and I could spend some time with them too! It actually worked quite well except for when my parents and I tried to sing a Danish Christmas song. There was a 5-sec lag so I was always a line behind them - I couldn't stop laughing! (Never mind, I guess you'd have to be there!)

Christmas with Sooke - or at least as close as we can get.

Mom and Allison enjoying their food.

On Christmas Day, Anders and I went to his parent's place and ate more food and just relaxed. We played cards and had a quiet day. Tomorrow will be more food with more of Anders' family and then Wednesday, we're going to Norup to visit my family and eat more food.

Anders and card games!

Mmmm, chocolate!

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